JC Rivera Mural at Ivy Hall Logan Square

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Ivy Hall Logan Square is proud to showcase their first ever city mural collab with JC Rivera.

Ivy Hall Dispensary Logan Square Mural

“It’s not about feeling it, it’s about feeling GOOD.”

Generally speaking, murals are a work of art usually painted to a large-scale on walls and ceilings. The origin of murals date back to prehistoric times, often drawn or painted to record life as it was or to tell a narrative. Today, murals still do just that; they’re a freedom of expression and are sometimes used to convey one’s belief or point of view, they tell a story, evoke thoughts and feelings, and can even be a driver for social activism in many forms.

When we first acquired the space, we knew we wanted artwork that was unique to the area since a lot of artists reside and work on the West side of Chicago, such as Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Logan Square. Based on a recent Data USA PUMA study done in 2021, 47% of Hispanics make up the total population of Logan Square and the surrounding communities our dispensary serves. Our co-founders felt it was important that we use this unique opportunity with the blank wall on the building next to us as a way to showcase not only the local art or artist, but commission a mural by a local artist in collaboration with Ivy Hall. We created the mock-up with our brand colors and were ready to go. We just needed the right person.

Enter JC Rivera.

JC perfectly captured the Ivy Hall slogan and essence in a one-of-a-kind mural featuring his ever renowned and relatable character design, The Bear Champ Inc.

JC Rivera Mural at Ivy Hall Logan Square

The mural was commissioned specifically for the Ivy Hall Logan Square location and to highlight the importance and impact that local artistry can have on a society and perhaps even positively shift one’s stagnant perspective on a subject such as cannabis in an ever changing world and industry. The only difference between the classic Bear Champ and the Ivy Hall Bear Champ, is the missing cigarette, or in this case, joint. Cannabis “rules” am I right?


Photo of JC Rivera next to the mural while he mentally maps out the image on the painted brick wall.
Photo credit: Nikos Paschalis
JC Rivera Planning Mural at Ivy Hall
Photo credit: Nikos Paschalis

JC Rivera is a Puerto Rican born, Chicago-based artist and muralist. He’s famously known for his relatable character, ‘The Bear Champ’, originally created as an animated representation of his message to “Roll with the Punches” depicted through a rough looking bear typically covered in bandages and holding a cigarette. It was and still is meant to bring hope and inspiration for people to see through tough times, no matter what comes their way. He is the most prolific street artist in Chicago with more commissioned murals than any other urban artist in the city. He’s previously worked with brands including Boost Mobile, American Express, Adidas, McDonalds, and sporting teams including the Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls.

“I created the bear like that, a boxing bear, beat-up. He was smoking a cigarette at the beginning, tired of all the punches in life, but still going. It’s been through a lot, but it still keeps going.” – JC Rivera (All-Star Press)


Ivy Hall Logan Square Mural by JC Rivera in Progress

It’s Not About Feeling It, It’s About Feeling Good. Ivy Hall Logan Square Mural

Check out the recap of the making of the reel here!


Ivy Hall Bucktown Artwork by Ty Nitz

Ty Nitz Artwork at Ivy Hall Dispensary - Bucktown

The Ivy Hall Bucktown location was the first social equity dispensary to open in Chicago and Illinois. Local Chicago artist, Ty Nitz, was commissioned to create a piece of art for the reception area at Ivy Hall Bucktown that symbolized social equity as well as how far the cannabis industry has come in the last decade. He also typically uses spray paint as a medium, much like JC Rivera, with the major difference being on surfaces like canvas or wood. The artwork, titled ‘Flyness,’ depicts Muhammad Ali’s famous one liner “float like a butterfly sting like a bee” throughout the entirety of the piece. It is currently listed for $3,250.

Feeling…INSPIRED? The Best Sativa Strains to Enhance Creativity

While indicas are considered relaxing and calming, sativas are mood boosting. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling inspired or productive while high, it’s most likely a Sativa strain – or has some terpenes in the lineage that cause those certain sativa-like effects. Sativas often get a bad rap for causing paranoia and headaches, but it’s just about finding the right sativa with the right terpenes that work for your body chemistry. Sativa is considered the uplifting strain of the cannabis plant and Ivy Hall carries several popular Sativa strains that you can pick up on your next order. Who knows, if you find the right one, maybe you could even be the next JC Rivera?

Animal Cake by Ozone

Animal Cake by Ozone

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Sour Diesel Infused Pre-roll by Dogwalkers

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Avg THC: 41.13%
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The Creative Sativa Blend Pre-rolls by Lowell Smokes

The Creative Sativa Blend Pre-rolls by Lowell Smokes

Normally, offering one popular brand of pre-rolls does the trick, but we couldn’t leave out The Creative Sativa Blend Pre-rolls by Lowell Smokes with ‘creative’ literally being in the name. Roam the depths of your creativity with this invigorating blend. Experience citrus and earthy flavors on the palate. Perfect for a daytime escape or jumpstarting your artistic engine. Plus, they even come with matches and a built-in strike pad for your convenience. 6 3.5g joints in a whole pack of pre-rolls? Say less. When you need that instant creative kick, run, don’t walk to Ivy Hall to grab a pack for yourself since they tend to go quick.

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Blue Dream Briq by Select

Blue Dream Briq by Select

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Blood Orange 1:1 CBC Sativa Enhanced Gummies by WYLD

Blood Orange 1:1 CBC Sativa Enhanced Gummies by WYLD

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Creative Ivy Hall Products Inspired by JC Rivera

Creative Cannabis Products at Ivy Hall Dispensary - Streamwood
Creative Cannabis Products at Ivy Hall Dispensary – Streamwood
Pilgrim Soul Imagination Pencils at Ivy Hall Dispensary - Logan Square
Pilgrim Soul Imagination Pencils at Ivy Hall Dispensary – Logan Square

Since Sativas can make you feel like you want to go on a cleaning spree, type that novel you’ve dying to write, or say, do some art and crafts like paint or color, Ivy Hall has not one, not two, but THREE different creative outlet options in store for you to choose from to let your inner artist shine. And because we thought of everything, you don’t even have to go far for your “medium;” We offer Pilgrim Soul colored pencils that can usually be found right next to the coloring books and journals.

  • Pilgrim Soul Coloring Books
  • Pilgrim Soul Journals
  • The Stoner Babes Coloring Book
Stack the Joints Game at Ivy Hall Dispensary - Logan Square
Stack the Joints Game at Ivy Hall Dispensary – Logan Square

What better way to test out a sativa than to try your hand at Stack the Joints! Our budtenders can’t recommend this fun little game enough. I’ve even caught a few of them toying with it only to watch their faces melt as all their hard work concentrating just slowly crumbles down. However, it does make a great coffee table game (as displayed here) and it’s also just something entertaining to do to keep your hands occupied while you’re in your high. Trust us – it’s one of the best things to do if you want to zone out, but feel productive without being productive.

On the outside, Chicago may not seem as big of an art mecca like some other cities, but if you look closer, you’ll slowly start to realize that Chicago is home to some amazing artists and art galleries. JC Rivera’s work, for example, can be found all over the globe, but Chicagoans are lucky to be able to spectate right here near the surrounding areas of Ivy Hall dispensaries.

So the next time you’re in the 606 zip-code, consider stopping by Ivy Hall Logan Square and check out JC Rivera’s mural in person or even over at Ivy Hall Bucktown to see Ty Nitz’ work. And maybe while you’re there grabbing some goodies, snap a selfie in front of the artwork and tag us on your socials!

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