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Infused Chocolate Cake Recipe Inspired by FX’s ‘The Bear’

‘The Bear’ Infused Chocolate Cake FX’s ‘The Bear’ Season 3 is being released on Hulu and FX on June 27th. ‘The Bear’ is set in Chicago ‘The Bear’ stars Jeremy Allen White as Carmy Berzatto, a famous Michelin-rated chef, who comes home to inherit his late brother’s sandwich shop, Mr. Beef, in downtown Chicago. In […]

Cannabis Oil for 710 Day
Ivy Hall

Celebrate 710 Day in IL

Join Ivy Hall in celebrating 710 Day! Discover the world of cannabis concentrates, learn about their benefits, and find out how you can participate in this unique cannabis culture celebration.

Using Cannabis for Stress and Anxiety
Ivy Hall

Using Cannabis for Stress and Anxiety

You may not need prescription drugs to treat stress and anxiety. Many of our clients are discovering Mother Nature offers solutions for these conditions.

420 Event at Ivy Hall
Ivy Hall

Reflecting on an Unforgettable 420 at Ivy Hall

Relive the unforgettable 420 celebrations at Ivy Hall with our event recap. Discover the community spirit, educational insights, and look ahead to future cannabis events in Illinois.

Ivy Hall

Featured Strain: Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter is a popular and potent true hybrid cannabis strain. Learn about what makes it special, from the sweet-treat-inspired flavor to its storied relaxation effects.

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