On a Roll with Jelly Roll: Taking A Closer Look at This Ivy Premium Indica Strain

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Dive into the delights of Jelly Roll, an exclusive Indica facing strain from Ivy Hall’s premium cannabis collection. Discover the unique flavors, effects, and why it’s a top pick for enthusiasts in Illinois.

Ivy Premium Indica Strain Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll is a great stroll on the chill side of Ivy Hall Premium. It is a delightful indica facing strain with a high that is just as sweet as it tastes! For those who enjoy smoking strictly at night, Jelly Roll should become part of your late night rotation quickly. It has a lovely lineage that has a reputation as sleepy strains, ultimately priming the user for a soothing evening. Whether Jelly Roll makes you think of a rapper or a sugary, delectable treat, be sure to add Ivy Premium’s Jelly Roll to that list.

What makes Jelly Roll unique is its ability to come on at a slow rate, it doesn’t creep up, but within a few hits, a wave of tranquility comes over you. Cannabis enthusiasts can expect a low-testing Indica that can aid in winding down your day, making it the sweetest strain for the last smoke of the night.

Jelly Roll Strain Lineage

Jelly Roll Strain Lineage

Jelly Roll has a sleepy lineage that enhances its peaceful effects. Jelly Roll is a cross between GastroPop and Jokers 31. Jokers 31 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by Compound Genetics. We have seen it on the shelves as flower or full spectrum hash oil (FSHO) cultivated by Aeriz. After getting a few FSHO infused pre-rolls of Jokers 31, one can understand that Jokers 31 is absolutely no joke. As a cross between White Runtz and Jet Fuel Gelato, Jokers 31 can come on heavy. After a few hits, one can start making their way to the couch, or better, the bed.

Jokers 31 is a great part of Jelly Roll’s lineage because it brings in those distinct characteristics of Runtz and Gelato strains. These two strains bred together create a sedating high that can be felt in Jelly Roll, allowing the consumer to simply “roll with the punches”. Jelly Roll has a lovely flavor too,getting its decadent flavor and aroma profile from its GastroPop lineage that brings out its fruity, candy flavor.

GastroPop is also an indica dominant strain that is crossed with Apples and Bananas and Grape Gas. This strain lineage cultivates an aromatic terpene profile, giving Jelly Roll its distinct smell as soon as you dip your nose into the jar.

When you first open a Jelly Roll jar you will immediately smell a sugary, candy flavor that makes you want to track down treats for yourself. The nugs are fresh with deep purple colas very similar to Cresco’s Slurricrasher. It is the second most visually appealing nug out of our Ivy Premium strains, right after the Warheadz.

Jelly Roll Strain Effects

Jelly Roll Strain Effects

Jelly Roll is going to relax you in the best way possible. It is felt in the head and as the high carries on, it eventually settles in the eyes. I recommend smoking Jelly at the end of the day, a bowl of Jelly Roll is enough to tuck you in for the night. Its rich terpene profile includes:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool

… the perfect combination for a night at home to yourself!

Caryophyllene and myrcene together always make it possible for a strain to ground you and contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing. Myrcene, a fruity terpene found in items such as mangoes and lemongrass, is one of the most common terpenes found in marijuana strains. Myrcene is great for promoting sleep and relieving anxiety, making Jelly Roll perfect for those anxious days where day-to-day activities can get overwhelming.

Caryophyllene is special because it is a terpene and a cannabinoid making it very effective in any strain profile it is in. It is found in cinnamon and black pepper, and adds a peppery twist to our sweet Jelly Roll. Caryophyllene binds directly to the endocannabinoid system, specifically the CB2 receptors, the receptors that are spread throughout your body, as opposed to the CB1 receptors that are located in the brain and spinal cord.

Caryophyllene’s attraction to the CB2 receptors make it perfect for immune system support, a champion of digestive health, all while giving the consumer a relaxed and mellow high. It is truly a valued player in our Jelly Roll’s terpene profile because when it is paired with Myrcene, you can forget about your day and return to what is really important, your own sense of peace.

Linalool is another terpene, another piece to the peace of our Jelly Roll pie. Linalool is where you find that floral element in strains and keeps your high light and floaty. Linalool is a terpene that is primarily associated with lavender, but is also found in cinnamon and birch as well.

Linalool puts the roll in Jelly Roll because of its consistent calming buzz while you are smoking. While the Jokers 31 makes Jelly Roll a little heavy, the Linalool comes in and keeps the high smooth, something Linalool is known to do.

Linalool helps with anxiety and depression. For medical users or those who may deal with seizures, it is an anticonvulsant too! Its presence in notable strains like Grand Daddy Purple and Amnesia Haze, has solidified it as a lovely addition to any strain profile.

It has sedative properties just like its fellow terpene Myrcene, the presence of these terpenes in Jelly Roll create a breeding ground for a chill high. Limonene in this strain helps keep anxiety at bay too, making it even harder to be in a bad mood when smoking on Jelly Roll.

Limonene is our lemony friend that contributes a citrus twist to the party. Limonene is an uplifting terpene always positively impacting the mood of a strain. Think about how you feel when you smell a fresh lemon, or when Pledge makes a room feel brighter just from the smell, that is what Limonene contributes to Jelly Roll. Limonene’s presence in our Jelly Roll allows you to have an amazing mood boost while keeping you calm.

Limonene is known as a secondary terpene, making it not as common as myrcene and caryophyllene. It is found in the peels of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes to name a few. Limonene is an antioxidant that is helpful with reducing oxidative stress in the body, preventing the onset of conditions such as diabetes and premature aging. A 2018 study conducted by OncoTargets and Therapy concluded that limonene was able to slow down the growth of cancer cells in mice, thus highlighting the medical promise of Limonene, and the medical benefits of our Jelly Roll.

Jelly Roll’s terpene profile is outstanding. It is meant to relax our anxious consumers after tough moments, and give our indica fans that familiar “In da Couch” high they know and love. Our team members at Ivy Hall really enjoyed this strain and it became a favorite for a few. Below are some real testimonials from our team.

Jelly Roll Strain Testimonials

Premium Jelly Roll Indica Strain at Ivy Hall

“Not over exaggerating but it’s honestly one of my favorite strains, I have a lot of anxiety so I love Indica and this one calms me down but doesn’t put me out. I don’t always like to be sleepy after I smoke! And maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t make me cough that much. Even though you gotta cough to get off.” – Trenity

“Good body high. Great high in general. The buzz is like a lullaby for me. My top 1 among the 3!” – Maria

“Really purple and looks like kinetic sand in my grinder. The bud is never dry and decent to grind. A mellow smoke that takes your vibe wavelength and stretches it. It has a tendency to give you the munchies and makes you sleepy. I enjoy it overall.” – Hailo

Jelly Roll Pairings

This strain is truly a nighttime strain. After smoking this, you are going to want your fuzzy socks and a few candles lit. Let it be your stress reliever after the day has ended. Jelly Roll is perfect for staying in on a rainy night with nothing else to do but listen to the drops outside. Jelly Roll is so calming, it makes a great pairing for ASMR or light listening of an audiobook.

Jelly Roll is perfect for our Indica lovers, it is an indica that a lot of consumers can feel at home with. It is the perfect way to end your night, it’s even better after a long, stressful day. It will immediately pick up your mood and end your night off on a good note.

I recommend doing some meditation with this strain. It slows thoughts down, helping with introspective evenings you want to reset and meet yourself again.

Pack a few bowls of Jelly Roll and watch it with your favorite comfort show. You can keep it light with some adult animation like Solar Opposites or Family Guy, or get deep with something like Midnight Gospel. Keep the remote nearby in case you want to switch the vibes, your feet are not going to be reliable after you’ve gotten comfortable on the couch, buried under blankets.

Shop for Premium Strain Jelly Roll at an Ivy Hall Near You

Jelly Roll Premium Cannabis Strain at Ivy Hall | Jelly Roll Shirt

Jelly Roll is perfect for folks who just want to kick back and eventually coast off to sleep. Our indica fans would really enjoy our Jelly Roll because it is a straightforward Indica strain. It is unbelievably fitting for someone trying to end their night in the most positive way.

Please feel free to share your own experiences with Jelly Roll. We have awesome budtenders that can answer any questions you might have about this lovely strain that we usually have displayed in our flower wall.

Make sure your email is properly registered in your Charter Club account so you can make sure to stop by your local Ivy Hall Dispensary and grab this lovely Indica! And be on the lookout for any bundle deals or discounts happening with any of our Ivy Premium strains, this is definitely a strain you’re not going to want to roll away from you!


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