Featured Ivy Premium Strain: Cherry Stomper

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Step into the world of Cherry Stomper, a unique and exclusive strain in the Ivy Premium collection at Ivy Hall. Learn about its remarkable effects, flavor profile, and why it’s a must-try.

Featured Ivy Premium Strain

Cherry Stomper is a special addition to the Ivy Premium cannabis flower line. This hybrid strain has personality. It is calming and settles in the body. It can satisfy anyone who is looking for something in the middle.

Cherry Stomper has bright, pale green nugs. The nugs are moist and fresh and maintained well in the jar. The scent is subtly tart and the flavor is reminiscent of sweet berry. It is a malleable bud that easily packs into any cones or bowls.

Cherry Stomper is great for those looking for a prominent hybrid to go easy with, especially for our new smokers, you can depend on this strain to keep you in a good spot.

Cherry Stomper Strain Heritage and Genetics

Cherry Stomper is a cross between Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper. Cherry Pie is an indica-leaning hybrid that is a cross of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison. It has a reputation as a medicinal strain, it has been effective in helping patients with PTSD, anxiety, and pain. This strain alone offers a euphoric and uplifting high accompanied by a lovely body buzz. The Durban Poison lineage contributes the effects associated with a head high such as focus and clarity.It has a fruity flavor profile with earthy notes.

The other side of our Cherry Stomper will be the Grape Stomper strain. Grape Stomper, (also known as Sour Grapes) has solidified itself as a hybrid that is a cross of Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel. This strain was first bred by Gage Green Genetics, a High Times Cannabis cup award winning seedbank founded by Jeff Selsor and Michael Fang in California in the early 2000s. This group was able to build a foundation of high quality cannabis strains that is committed to natural and healthy cannabis plants. Gage Green Genetics’ Grape Stomper aided in establishing their namesake as a quality seedbank.

It is research such as this that contributes to the consumer’s understanding of the strains. It reminds people of the hardwork it takes to develop strains that are consistent, smokers can expect the same high with every toke.

It is this type of history that makes one appreciate the cultivation it took to get a rich lineage such as this into an Ivy Premium Jar. Ivy Premium’s Cherry Stomper has a rich history and truly fulfills the legacy of its lineage.

Cherry Stomper Effects and Therapeutic Benefits

Cherry Stomper Effects

Cherry Stomper is very calming, the high comes on seamlessly. The smoker can feel an initial gentle head high, as you take more puffs of Cherry, you feel the high travel to the body. That chill brings the eyes low, to a point where you stand no chance in keeping them up.

There’s an overwhelming sense of well being and warm and fuzzy feeling about Cherry Stomper. It is a light high that makes you want to float, and really opens you up.

The unique effects of Cherry Stomper are driven by its wonderful blend of terpenes. The terpene profile of Cherry Stomper consists of Terpinolene, Pinene, Linalool, and Caryophyllene. The terpinolene in this strain acts as a mood enhancer, for daytime use it can make one feel productive and focused making a good pair for Pinene in this profile. It can keep one’s attention on work or watching a show at the end of a long day.

Terpinolene can be found in lilac, sage, rosemary, or nutmeg. So in terpene profiles there is a woody earthy scent with floral undertones. When accompanied by Linalool, as it is in Cherry Stomper, it can offer sedating effects, contributing to Cherry Stomper’s warm and fuzzy.

The more you smoke Cherry Stomper, the better you will feel. This high allows you to coast along without feeling like you smoked too much.

Cherry Stomper Cultivation

There is no doubt that Cherry Stomper was bred with intention. Samantha Garcia, our Social Media Coordinator, offered her insights on how the Ivy Premium strains were cultivated:

“Director of Marketing Jonny Boucher and our Director of Retail Omar Delgado worked closely with Aeriz to identify each strain’s lineages. Before it was released, Ivy Corporate had a chance to do a blind testing of each strain before making the final decisions on what cross the strains would be. The ‘blind test’ was very similar to a blind taste testing. We wrote down how we felt, how it tasted with a dry pull versus lit flower, and how it smelled prior to blazing.”

Cherry Stomper Strain Reviews

Cherry Stomper Cannabis Strain

I took Cherry Stomper to a picnic in Hyde Park with me. I packed it into several Shorty 53 mm Blazy Susan pink cones. These joints were the perfect party favor and had my group pleasantly stoned. The conversation was able to trail on as we sat on patch work of picnic blankets with sounds of laughter and Lake Michigan waves flooded Promontory Point.

Here is what some of our Ivy Hall team members had to say about our Ivy Premium Strain Cherry Stomper:

“Cherry is great, I have to agree. It was more of what the strain did for me medically than psychoactive. In my experience with cultivating straight Cherry Pie before, it is a very nice sister strain.” – Raven Culver

“For myself, I consider Cherry Stomper to be more of a medicinal high. It is definitely more on the lighter side of feeling high. I felt more productive and motivated. It serves as a great daytime smoke when you still have to get things done.” – Nathan Pyle

“Cherry Stomper is a nice balanced hybrid, when it is paired with Warheadz it creates a fire productive high!” – Yirian Perez-Roig

“Cherry Stomper has been my go-to for mid-day activities. It gives me a mood boost while still allowing me to relax. I like to take a walk, visit a coffee shop, or stay home and work on my craft. It’s also an excellent hybrid to mix with a sativa strain if you want more alertness.Overall, this is my feel-good strain.” – Jennifer Lopez (Budtender, Logan Square)

Cherry Stomper Consumption Advice

Ivy Premium Cherry Stomper Strain and Shirt

Cherry Stomper should be consumed in glass, those cherry notes are everything! The preservation of those terpenes means preservation of effects. The overall high for this strain is much better out of a bowl, it would do well in a Volcano too.

Cherry Stomper for Nighttime Use

Cherry Stomper is the type of strain you would want to consume after a long day. A good strain to smoke for a quiet night in with yourself, or your partner. You want to have the food ordered already, or atleast ready to be picked up. You can put on your fuzzy socks and cover up with your blanket and watch your show. You can play a low effort video game with this strain as well.

I encourage you to have things prepared on this strain, it has the tendency to make you want to space out, get lost in your thoughts and the sensations you’re feeling.

Cherry Stomper for Daytime Use

Cherry Stomper fairs well as a daytime strain as long as you have some coffee to sip with your smoke. That warm fuzziness comes over you, but instead of it making you want to cozy up, you can sit and focus on work without any anxiety. It is mentally stimulating and mood uplifting. Relaxation is a consistent element of this strain.

Cherry Stomper has duality. It pairs well with a hot cup of nighttime tea. For a day time smoke, have it with a cold brew coffee, refreshing iced tea, or some boba! As long as you have something caffeinated nearby, you will not want to take a nap after smoking Cherry Stomper.

Find Cherry Stomper at Any Ivy Hall Dispensary in Illinois

image of Cherry Stomper

You can find the lovely Cherry Stomper at any of our Ivy Hall locations. It is on display so you can get your eyes on it before you purchase. Occasionally, we have bundle deals where you can purchase four Ivy Hall eighths and get an Ivy Premium pre-roll for a penny! I would not blame you if you picked four Cherry Stomper eighths for your bundle, it is that great of a strain!

Please feel free to check out the nugs for yourself. Cherry Stomper is mellow and can please stoners who want to chill. It is more of an indica leaning hybrid that is meant to put you at ease. If you are more partial to a high with more energy, make sure you have that coffee close, eventually that Linalool is going to lull you to serenity. Cherry Stomper allows you to relax without falling asleep too early. It makes you want to whisper and keep things just relaxed and easygoing.

Cherry Stomper is the personification of ‘feeling good’. It is a distinct hybrid for an amazing high.It is reminiscent of Tyde Podz and Yuzu Sorbet. It takes you to a hammock in the park, with the sun shining, and a slight breeze rolling by.

Cherry Stomper is Ivy Hall’s answer to the hybrid strain market in Illinois. It would be awesome to see our cultivators expand upon this strain, crossing it with other cultivars. It is a strain that resonated the most with our team members. I was told by two different budtenders tha Cherry Stomper was their favorite strain out of the Ivy Premium flower. If Ivy Hall wanted to move on to concentrates, live resin or even better, live rosin, Cherry Stomper would be the strain to start with, the flavor profile on that would be amazing!

Make sure to stop into any of our Ivy Hall locations and ensure that your email is correct for your Charter Club account. You want to be alerted promptly for the Ivy Premium bundle deals, that way you can plan your visit to grab Cherry Stomper along with additional deals in the store such as our Early Bird and Last Call where you get an extra 10% off within our first hour of opening and our last hour before closing. The early bird gets the worm and for the last call, we ball! Thank you so much for reading my review, stomp up now and grab this strain today!


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