Reviewing Warheadz: A Mood Boosting Sativa Strain

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Dive into the world of Warheadz, one of the exclusive strains in the Ivy Hall Premium collection. Learn about its unique effects, flavors, and why it’s becoming a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs in Illinois.

Warheadz Strain Review

Welcome to our Warheadz strain review as we discuss the inaugural sativa of the Ivy Premium Cannabis Strains. This exclusive cannabis strain offers an uplifting option for the experienced and novice users. What makes this strain unique is how it puts one at ease. It is great for a solo sesh, or even an easygoing cypher with a few close friends. Some people may be alarmed at its sativa label, but please rest assured that this strain is far from inducing any anxiety, it is the total opposite. It is a mood boosting strain that leaves its user with a positive outlook.

Warheadz is a cross between strains Kaboom and Sour Pez. One side gives it a nice cerebral burst, while the other mellows the high, offering consumers a heady sativa strain without inducing paranoia.

Warheadz Strain Lineage

The Kaboom side of its lineage offers a sativa kick with a concentrated head buzz, a true testament to the Warheadz name. Kaboom as its own strain is known to grow tall with high yields of flowers. It was first cultivated by TGA seeds by crossing strains Jack’s Cleaner and Vortex, two sativa strains. This lineage gives Warheadz that prominent cerebral effect that is felt within a few minutes of smoking it. The Sour Pez lineage prevents Warheadz from getting too out of hand. Sour Pez is an indica dominant strain that crosses Pink Pez and Sour Diesel. It calms down our Warheadz, just know those indica characteristics will keep you calm and your anxiety at bay.

The terpene profile for Warheadz includes:

  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Beta-myrcene
  • Alpha-pinene
  • Alpha-humulene

The combination of these terpenes offers a spicey, earthy, subtle citrus flavor profile to this strain. The spice from the caryophyllene comes through the most in terms of taste. The pinene goes straight to the head adding a nice focus element. It is immensely visually appealing with its orange hairs, and frosty purple nugs, it is a pretty flower! Once you snap a sticky Warheadz nug, you will sniff out more of that myrcene, mango citrus, and more trichomes to coat your fingertips!

Warheadz Strain Effects

Warheadz Strain Effects

While the high lingers in the head, you start to feel your eyes dip for that slight compression. Even though there is an ease to this smoke, don’t be surprised if you start to tap your toes, there’s that sativa kick, where it starts and ends.

The caryophyllene in this strain contributes to the euphoria and overall sense of well-being. Myrcene offers that relaxation, creating a grounding vibe where thoughts won’t get ahead of you. Humulene is where we get the earthiness of this strain. A terpene prevalent in hops, like in beer, and may be the unsung hero of the many terpenes out there. Not only does it help with killing cancer cells, but it is an appetite-suppressant so you do not have to anticipate too many munchies after smoking this strain. If you are eating after smoking this strain, you’re probably just hungry!

The pinene in this strain can be helpful for pain relief, focus, and mental alertness. If you are smoking Warheadz to do some work with, I recommend having a cup of coffee nearby to add a nice pick me up. The caryophyllene and myrcene combination does contribute to a slight dip in energy, so keep something with some extra zing close.

For people who are looking for a strain without any couch lock, where you can still move and get things done at your own pace, Warheadz can tick that box for you. It truly is a heady and euphoric strain. Warheadz pairs really well with the beach, or even walking and chatting with a friend. You can even smoke it before the movies, that cerebral buzz will have you dissecting scenes ready for any post-movie analysis.

Warheadz Strain Reviews

Warheadz Strain Reviews

Warheadz was the first Ivy Premium flower the staff was able to try so it really set the tone for the quality of the other Ivy Hall Premium strains, it did not disappoint. Our budtenders at our various locations offered their insights on the strain as well.

Warheadz Reviews from Ivy Hall Budtenders

“Warheadz is wonderful. It is so fluffy and smooth to smoke; you can tell that cultivation really puts in the time. They grew it wonderfully! The cure is perfect too! It is soft and spongey, but still dense.” Rush Hoehne (AIC, Ivy Hall Peoria)

China Robinson, another one of our team members mentioned, “Warheadz has a really good, fast high, and tastes great!”

Warheadz Reviews from Verified Purchasers

“I’m trying this strain for the first time. I love it. I don’t feel that kind of jet lag you get from other strains. It makes me feel slightly hungry. I don’t get that full on hungry feeling for the munchies, where I’m about to eat everything but the kitchen walls. I have anxiety. I’m not feeling anxious or paranoid. I’m awake and alert, not feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I feel relaxed, happy, and totally chill. It’s a strain I will stick to as long as I can purchase it.”

“By far the best strain I’ve had honestly, and trust me I love to smoke; I know the difference between each high, this one takes the cake tho!”

“Not a novice strain. I smoked this as a wake and bake. I don’t think I would use it for the first morning use. Mid morning-yes. Or early afternoon. This feels slightly heavier than a sativa for me. Did this in a dab form. Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing and definitely a strain I want in my stash at all times. euphoria kicks in, I have a race of things in my mind I want to do. I feel I can tackle the world. It went to my head first. feeling it in my eyes shortly after. It goes down to the body but you just notice your pains gone. Now I’ve been motivated to make a video of my dog. Lol. My body feels relaxed. Whatever morning body ache I had gone. Hope everyone gets to enjoy this.”

“This is by far the one of the best Sativa dominant strains I’ve ever had. The high lasts and with the aid of a little wax, it goes a long way!”

“I am a chronic pain patient. I have psoriatic arthritis, colitis,Trigeminal neuralgia, and hypogammaglobulinemia. I am recovering from an infection that hospitalized me at present. My pain is way up. Among Come warheads. Pain? Bueller? Bueller? I. Love. This. Strain. If you are in pain. I’m sorry. I hope you smoke this and get relief!!!”

“I got this strain from my local Ivy Hall dispensary. This is my first time trying this one. Warheads is definitely a great strain for relaxation especially after working all day! Definitely one of my faves! 💜”

“This strain right here!! This is amazing, the overall look of the buds are beautiful bright green buds with orange hairs. The smells just like a warhead and as for the taste….. Does anyone remember those sour candies in the eye drop bottle?? Sweet and sour, tastes so good.”

“Very nice head strain. Not bad on the lungs. It’s a creeper.”

Warheadz Review by Illinois News Joint

But, that’s not all! The Illinois News Joint also dropped a Warheadz review on their site.

They said:

“Warheadz is a sativa-leaning hybrid cross of Kaboom and Sour Pez. This batch of flower tested at 0.38% THC, 24.04% THCa, and 24.99% total cannabinoids. The indicated terpenes were β-caryophyllene, β-myrcene, and α-pinene.

A handful of small flowers carried a pale turf-green color at the base with thick fire-orange hairs bunched near the creases. Large royal-purple sugar leaf pieces hugged the outside of several flowers, and a dense trichome frost that had just turned completely milky brought a brightness to the overall appearance. The buds were dense to the touch and left some stickiness on my fingers when broken down.

The aroma from the jar was a lively, naturally tart blend of green apple candies, sweet pickles, hot stainless steel metallic tone, grapefruit, fresh cut cucumber, and honey mustard. The flavor carried the green apple and mustard tones but turned much more earthy on the finish notes of fresh turned dirt and wild mushroom providing the finish. The earthy finish was the longest lasting portion of the flavor profile and clung to the palate post exhale.

Warheadz created a playful, distractible headspace that kept me engaged with the world around me but unable to focus. The physical side released tingling waves of euphoria that seemed to come and go as the experience continued. The tail end of the experience piqued my hunger repeatedly but never became heavy or tiring. The playful daytime buzz was a solid fit for the morning as long as focus wasn’t required, and the tangy aroma profile was distinctive.”

Shop for Warheadz at An Ivy Hall Dispensary Near You

Warheadz Flower at Ivy Hall Dispensary

At our dispensaries across Illinois we have had folks come back and grab this strain for its overall mood lifting effects. Our guests can find Warheadz at any of our Ivy Hall locations. It is usually displayed in our flower wall so you can check out those frosty, multi-colored nugs for yourself. When you stop in, be sure to ask any of our Ivy Hall team members to walk you through their experience with this strain, the feedback has been nothing but positive.

Make sure your email is registered with your charter club account, that way you will not miss any Ivy Hall Premium bundle sales with a penny pre-roll to boot. In the meantime, feel free to hunker down in the trenches with Warheadz, the perfect sativa that will send your head in a whirl in the best way possible, reminding you that the battle is going to be okay!


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