Ozone Cannabis: A Premium Cannabis Brand With Exceptional Variety

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Ozone Cannabis is a premium product for those who want to enjoy the finer points of cannabis. They offer vapes, pre-rolls, gummies, and more.

Ozone Cannabis Collection

At Ivy Hall, we aim to stock the shelves of our friendly neighborhood dispensary with only the best cannabis products. We believe these products should take you on a unique sensory experience and serve to enhance your day. As a part of our commitment to providing the blissful sensations only top-shelf quality can create, we wanted to highlight one of our premium brands: Ozone Cannabis. Learn more about Ozone’s wealth of cannabis options, available in several popular forms.

What Is Ozone Cannabis?

Ozone Cannabis is, above all else, an artisanal cannabis company dedicated to showcasing the highest quality products the cannabis industry has to offer. Its commitment to fine cannabis is reflected in its endeavors to provide customers with unique strains from around the world. To do it, Ozone company works with producers to phenohunt distinctive strains from various regions to offer a boutique selection of cannabis for any occasion.

Whether you are looking for a cannabis product to calm you down or increase your creativity and boost your awareness after a tiring day, Ozone Cannabis has precisely what you need.

Ozone Cannabis is a brand from Ascend Wellness and is one of the company’s most popular lines. Ascend has developed a reputation for state-of-the-art technology and has been recognized for its work in finding new ways to connect with customers. The company has gotten the art of cannabis manufacturing down to a science and produces some of the best quality products on the market.

We at Ivy Hall are proud to work with Ascend, a premium cannabis company striving for the same goals we do: to bring inclusivity and human connection to the cannabis world. We believe cannabis should be something for everyone and not an exclusive club that feels unapproachable for the uninitiated, and both Ozone and Ascend epitomize that belief.

What Type of Products Does Ozone Cannabis Offer?

Ozone Cannabis offers a range of premium cannabis products in a variety of forms to give customers almost endless options for consumption. Whether you enjoy your cannabis as a gummy, vape, concentrate, or pre-roll, Ozone Cannabis has a unique product for you. Let’s take a look at some of the selections we’ve chosen to stock here at Ivy Hall.

Ozone Cannabis Flower

Ozone Cannabis Flower

You’ll find Ozone Cannabis flower vacuum sealed to preserve peak potency and freshness, not unlike high-quality teas and coffee. Quality Ozone flower is available in 7-ounce and 3.5-ounce sizes, ideal for cannabis enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. We also have many of Ozone’s strains available, so you can try out different products and find one that speaks to you. Just ask, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right strain for you.

Aside from traditional flower forms, Ozone also offers both popcorn buds and shake. Popcorn buds are the perfect size for easy grinding and are available in the same package size as regular flower. Shake is similar to preground coffee in that it allows you to skip the grinding process and simply pack the cannabis and enjoy.

Ozone Gummies

Ozone Gummies

Of course, not everyone wants to smoke cannabis; fortunately, there is an astonishing variety of cannabis product types available in today’s rapidly expanding market. Ozone Cannabis gummies are the brand’s key entry into the edibles category. These delectable gelatin gummies are available in two sizes: a 10-pack jar with each gummy boasting 10 mg of THC and a 5-pack bag of 10 mg gummies. Ozone designed these gummies as a discreet way to ingest cannabis – but with proprietary microencapsulation technology, you’ll feel the effects much more quickly than with other brands.

Another interesting feature is Ozone’s dedication to the full cannabis experience. That’s why, instead of packing ten identical gummies into one jar, Ozone’s variety pack is bursting with fruit flavor. Simply choose Sour Sativa or Sweet Indica. If you desire more of your favorite flavor, choose a 5-pack of Pineapple Mango, Watermelon Lemonade, or Grape Splash. The best part? All feature natural colors and flavors and are gluten-free and non-GMO.

Ozone also offers premium gummies loaded with flavor and premium THC. Its pectin gummy assortment is non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, perfect for those with dietary preferences and restrictions. Choose a 10-pack tin of 10 mg gummies in Strawberry, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, or Green Apple. Trust us: the taste and sensory delight match or surpass any you’ll find on the market.

Ozone Chillums

Ozone Chillums

Whether you are new to cannabis or just love the ease of the perfect smoke without the hassle of grinding and preparing your cannabis, sometimes simplicity is best. Ozone understands the need to keep things simple, which is why it has chosen to offer glass chillum pipes. These classic chillums are perfect for enjoying cannabis with less preparation and time.

Chillums come pre-measured and ready for you to enjoy. All you have to do is unwrap, light, and enjoy – no measuring or grinding is required. Ozone’s pre-loaded chillums each come with 3.5 grams of cannabis, and we offer several strains for you to try. As a bonus, you can also reload your chillum once you’ve mastered the basics of preparing cannabis.

Ozone Pre-Rolls

Ozone Pre-Rolls

Much like its signature chillums, Ozone pre-rolls take the difficulty out of rolling your cannabis and allow you to enjoy it at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is take the pre-roll out of the box and light it to enjoy one of the many artisanal strains from Ozone.

We offer pre-rolls as single one-gram pre-rolls or packs of two, three, or five in half-gram versions. Ozone is always developing new pre-rolls for festive seasons or other events, so ensure you check back regularly to see if anything new catches your eye.

Ozone Vapes

Ozone Vapes

Vapes have increased in popularity in recent years, and after sampling Ozone’s vape selection, it’s clear why this has become such a beloved method for enjoying cannabis. The brand offers its Ozone vapes in many forms, including:

  • Ozone Distillate Vape Carts – These premium distillate carts are compatible with any standard vape battery. Ozone has created a line of pure distillate carts with no additives or fillers, so you can enjoy the highest-quality taste without having to worry about any additives ruining the experience. Available in many of Ozone’s most popular strains, browse the selection at your nearest Ivy Hall dispensary.
  • Ozone BOMA Microvape Pen – It’s not often we recommend a disposable option for those who deserve a premium vape experience, but Ozone has captured that with their BOMA Microvape Pen. Ozone uses high-quality resin to ensure a superior sensory boost for those who need a vape device on the go.
  • Ozone Onyx Disposable Vape – Ozone offers not one, not two, but three premium disposable vape pens. The Onyx is even more portable than other vape pens on the market, and at only 300 mg, it is perfect when you need a quick hit to fit in your pocket or a small bag.
  • Ozone Secret Agent – In our eyes, the Ozone Secret Agent disposable vape pen is one of the best methods for enjoying cannabis discreetly, whether you live with others who dislike the scent of cannabis or otherwise feel the need to leave no trace of your cannabis experience behind. These 300 mg pens use the same distillate found in the company’s vape carts, except that this version features no terpenes, so you can indulge anytime, anywhere, with zero scent signature.

What Is Ozone Reserve?

Ozone Reserve is a separate line of cannabis products from Ozone, carefully selected to appeal to aficionados who want to enjoy the highest-quality taste and effects. While these products are perfect for those who spend a little extra time with their cannabis, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy them. Learn more about the brand’s most interesting reserve strains and products.

Ozone Reserve Flower

Ozone Reserve Flower

Ozone Reserve Flower is premium flower single-sourced from only the best bud. This select cannabis comes in 3.5-gram packages and is an excellent way to find your new favorite strains from the brand. Some of Ozone’s most popular strains are available in the Reserve line, and the brand guarantees at least 28.5 percent THC.

Ozone Reserve Infused Pre-Rolls

Ozone Reserve Infused Pre-Rolls

Ozone’s infused pre-rolls are crafted from premium cannabis flower topped with Ozone live resin. The combination creates a unique blend that’s perfect for experienced cannabis connoisseurs or those wishing to jump up into the world of high-quality cannabis. No matter your history, these pre-rolls will allow you to enjoy exotic strains without the hassle of grinding and rolling: just smoke and enjoy.

Ozone Live Resin Cartridge

Ozone Live Resin Cartridge

For those who prefer to enjoy the sensory experience cannabis offers in vape form, the Ozone Reserves line features two products to enjoy. The brand takes special care to preserve the full terpene profile for every cartridge with its unique, single-source creation process. You’ll get the most out of these premium cannabis concentrates.

Onyx Live Resin Vape

Onyx Live Resin Vape

The Onyx Live Resin Vape is the ideal purchase or gift for those who want to enjoy reserve cannabis vape in a discreet and disposable form. These disposable vapes are crafted to hit just like Onyx’s Live Resin Cartridges, allowing you to enjoy pure, potent terpenes and THC without any unnecessary additives.

Ozone Premium Concentrates

The Ozone Reserve line is unique from Ozone’s standard product line in that it features a selection of potent cannabis concentrates for those who seek the full cannabis experience. If you have a developed cannabis palate, Ozone concentrates can be the perfect way to find something new and exciting. Some of the premium concentrates we’ve chosen to feature here at Ivy Hall include:

  • Ozone Live Sugar – Ozone sugar is crafted from extracts pulled from fresh frozen cannabis plants that have never been dried or cured. The resulting concentrate is allowed to crystallize and features intense THC crystals in a distinctive texture that reminds us of wet brown sugar. Ideal for many applications, including dabbing, smoking, sprinkling over joints, and more, we recommend trying this unique cannabis experience.
  • Ozone Live Budder – With a consistency similar to butter, this Ozone extract is perfect for dabbing or dipping your favorite pre-roll. Just a little bit will enhance whatever you’re consuming with its potent, flavor-forward terpene profile.
  • Ozone Live Diamonds and Sauce – Ozone extracts this concentrate at low temperatures, giving it a unique consistency a step beyond that of sugar. You’ll find large THC crystals surrounded by a thick, potent sauce rich in terpenes.

What Are Some Strains Ozone Cannabis Offers?

There are many ways to enjoy Ozone Cannabis, but none of these methods would be worth a brand feature if the strains weren’t up to par. Fortunately, Ozone products feature some perennial Ivy Hall favorite strains, with something for every mood and taste profile. Some notables include:

  • Dogwalker OG – This strain has a pleasant, fruity aroma that mimics lemon on the taste buds. One of Ozone’s most popular strains, this is a perfect indica-dominant strain to try, whether you want to relax or simply flow in the moment to finish out your day.
  • Strawberry Banana – Few natural flavors meld as well as strawberries and bananas, and you’ve probably enjoyed the two together in a smoothie or milkshake. This sativa-forward strain reminds us of those delicacies with its fruity taste, owing to the fruity notes of limonene. We’ve noticed the most prominent effects of this strain are increased creativity and happiness.
  • Jokerz Candy – This is an excellent strain of cannabis for those who want a more earthy and natural taste. Jokerz Candy is indica-leaning and perfect for feeling a body high and euphoria after a long day’s work.
  • Heir Heads – With a unique blend of earthy and candy flavors, this strain from Ozone gives users a nice burst of creativity and euphoria. This indica also has sedative qualities, so it may be a perfect choice before bed when you want to relax and block out negative noise.

Ivy Hall Dispensary: A Place For All Your Cannabis Needs

Shop for Ozone Cannabis at Ivy Hall Dispensary

From Ozone Cannabis products to other high-quality cannabis strains, the friendly folks at your neighborhood Ivy Hall Dispensary want nothing more than to help you find the cannabis product that works best for you. Simply step into the sensory dispensary, where our team is ready to answer any questions and ensure you feel at ease and knowledgeable during the buying process.

Contact us today to learn more about your local product list or head on over to an Ivy Hall Dispensary near you!

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