Featuring The Verano Cannabis Line of Products

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Explore Verano’s line of award-winning flower, convenient vape carts, potent extracts, and more at Ivy Hall Dispensaries.

The Verano Cannabis Line of Products

Welcome to Ivy Hall, where we’re cultivating unique oases of warmth and community throughout the bustling Chicagoland area. Unlike other dispensaries, Ivy Hall strives to be your neighborhood haven, a space dedicated to a curated cannabis experience that transcends the ordinary. Nestled within the heart of this welcoming embrace is the very embodiment of cannabis excellence: Verano.

At Ivy Hall, we only offer cannabis products from the highest quality, most reputable producers, and Verano Cannabis is an industry leader in every sense of the phrase. At Verano, the artistry of cannabis cultivation is paired with a commitment to exceptional quality control and testing standards.

Ivy Hall’s partnership with this leading brand offers our visitors a comprehensive selection that is sure to raise spirits and nurture connections. Verano’s top products include a veritable symphony of flower strains, pre-rolled joints, vape cartridges, and extracts. Each of these masterfully produced cannabis products is rooted in the quality of Verano’s meticulously cultivated flower, all of which is grown in-house at Verano’s ISO 9001-certified cultivation sites. These cultivation sites are spread across the country, so Verano can grow over 160 different strains in distinct microclimates.

Verano’s offerings are not just more cannabis products to be sampled and forgotten in an over-saturated retail market: each one represents the culmination of years of expertise, passion, and innovation. We here at Ivy Hall Dispensaries can’t wait to guide you to the perfect Verano product to meet your individual needs.

About the Verano Product Line

Verano Cannabis Product Line

Verano brand cannabis is available in two distinct product lines, Reserve and Essence. Both of these product lines boast a variety of quality cannabis products fit for the most discerning cannabis lover. Learn more about Verano’s Reserve and Essence lines:


Verano Reserve Products

Verano’s exquisite “Reserve” product line is more than just well-grown cannabis; it’s a testament to the art of nurturing and a pungent embodiment of the commitment to excellence that Verano and Ivy Hall both stand for.

Verano’s Reserve flower is harvested from plants tended with meticulous care, each beautiful bloom hand-trimmed to perfection. Verano Reserve strains represent a harmonious marriage of science and artistry, much like Ivy Hall Dispensaries seamlessly combines a cutting-edge retail cannabis business with a holistic sensory experience.

As the premiere “Sensory Dispensary,” Ivy Hall understands that true luxury lies in the details, and everything about Verano’s Reserve line echoes this belief. Speaking of sensory, Verano Reserve flower is a door to a multi-sensory experience all its own: feel the tactile allure of the sticky trichomes and impressive bud density, savor the scent of the massive terpene profile of your favorite strain, and explore the full-body and mind effects of Verano’s top shelf buds.

Masterfully Cultivated Genetics:

The artisans at Verano are truly master growers and leaders in the retail cannabis space. They meticulously cultivate world-class genetic profiles that form the foundation of the Reserve line and their other great products. Crafted by hand, with heart, every Verano Reserve bud is hand trimmed with an experienced artisanal touch.

Elevated Maturation:

Patience is one of the keys to excellence, and that’s why Verano’s Reserve flowers are lovingly and slowly cured for an extended 30-day period, allowing terpenes and flavors to develop into a complex sensory delight.

Preserving Perfection:

Verano’s meticulous attention to detail extends to their packaging. Reserve flower is hand packed with the utmost care to preserve the structural integrity (and visual appeal) of each bud.

Verano’s Reserve Product Line Includes:

  • Flower
  • Pre-Rolls (and Infused Pre-Rolls)
  • Cannabis-Derived Terpene Vapes
  • BHO Extracts


Verano’s flagship “Essence” product line

Verano’s flagship “Essence” product line is an ode to the timeless classics that have charmed cannabis enthusiasts for generations. The Essence line, available now at Ivy Hall locations, is a celebration of vintage cannabis heritage but produced with Verano’s cutting-edge, modern methods and standards. If you’re looking for classic strains and reliable products that have stood the test of time, Verano’s Essence line is worth your attention.

A Bouquet of Classic Strains:

The products in the Essence line represent a harmonious composition of classic strains, cherished fan favorites, and forward-thinking hybridized strains.

Cultivated with Passion:

Just like the top shelf Reserve flower, each product in Verano’s Essence line is cultivated in-house, a testament to Verano’s devotion to maintaining the authenticity and purity of these beloved and timeless strains.

A Promise of Quality:

Quality isn’t just a sales buzzword or an aspiration: For Verano and Ivy Hall, it’s the standard that must be met every day and with every bud, pre-roll, vape cart, or extract. This dedication to excellence will be evident in every inhalation.

Verano’s Essence product line includes:

  • Flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Botanical terpene vapes
  • Ethanol extracts

Ivy Hall’s Verano Essence Favorites:

  • Traveler’s 0.3 g Pineapple Express All-in-One Distillate Disposable Vape
  • Strawberry Cough 0.3 g Pineapple Express All-in-One Distillate Disposable Vape
  • Swift Lifts 2.5 g Pre-Roll 5 pack – Sonny G
  • Swift Lifts 2.5 g Pre-Roll 5 pack – Punch Cookies

About Verano Flower

No matter what sort of smoking or vaping experience you’re looking for, Verano has a flower to suit your needs. If you’re not ready to ascend to the top shelf with Verano’s Reserve buds, there are several other options that might suit you better.

Each of Verano’s pre-packaged Essence Eights, for example, is a little jar of magic. These hand-trimmed flowers grind up beautifully for use in your favorite bong, dry herb vape, or pipe and are also great for rolling. It may not be quite as special as those high-end Reserve buds, but make no mistake – Verano’s Essence flower is still an artisanal raw cannabis product made to the highest quality standards.


What could be better than taking all that Verano quality and wrapping it up into the perfect joint? How about if the joint is already rolled for you? Verano’s various pre-rolled cannabis products embody their philosophy of quality and attention to detail in a convenient, portable format for smokers on the go.

Swift Lifts (2.5 g 5 Packs)

Verano Swift Lifts Pre-rolls

When your moment comes, be ready to elevate it with a Verano Swift Lift. Swift Lift products are sold as packages of five 0.5-gram mini pre-rolls for 2.5 total grams of quick, convenient smoking. Swift Lifts embody their name and are a swift way to lift your mood and your day.

Iced Swift Lifts

Verano Iced Swift Lifts

For a cooler-than-cool twist on Verano’s popular Swift Lifts, Iced Swift Lifts are 5-packs of infused pre-rolls. This means they start with some of their classic Verano flower and then “ice” it with potent THCa “diamonds” (extract particles). This innovative infusion unlocks an additional layer of intensity and pleasure for smoking aficionados.


Verano Cannabis Stix

For curious shoppers and discerning palates alike, there are Verano Stix–single serve 1-gram pre-rolls packaged in a convenient air-tight tube for freshness and discretion. Affordable and easy to use, Stix are your gateway to a world of different Verano strains without the commitment of a bulk purchase. Take yours on the go to enjoy with friends or indulge in the comfort of home.

Dynamite Stix

Verano Dynamite Sticks

For an explosive (in all the best ways) twist on Verano’s signature 1g pre-rolls, try the infused Dynamite Stix. Dynamite Stix will help you blast through to a whole new level of cannabis bliss with the introduction of live resin crumble added to Verano’s signature flower throughout the length of the pre-roll. For unrivaled taste and potency, pick up a few Dynamite Stix and light the fuse – then, sit back and enjoy the burst of flavor.


Verano Essence Vape Carts

Many of Verano’s championed strains are also available as high-quality vape cartridges and disposables. Crafting an exceptional vaping experience hinges on perfecting the art of extraction, and we can confidently report that Verano’s artisans have nailed these processes. For example, they use food-grade ethanol to effectively isolate the flower’s most sought-after properties, resulting in a potent and reliable vape cartridge.

Essence: Botanically-Derived Terpenes

Verano vaping products released under the Essence line feature a fusion of nature and science that results in a flavorful and unforgettable experience. They begin with ultra-refined THC distillate oil sourced from their industry-leading grow operations, then enrich it with naturally sourced fruit and plant terpenes for an alluring flavor blast.

Verano: Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Vape cartridges released under Verano’s signature line offer a different, more cannabis-forward experience than their Essence vapes. Strain-specific oils capture the flavors and therapeutic benefits of Verano’s award-winning flower. A meticulous extraction process preserves the natural profile of your favorite strains to a much greater degree than many competitors’ offerings at the same price point.

Live Resin Carts

For the most intense and authentic vaping experience, Verano also offers high-end Live Resin Carts. Crafted from fresh, flash-frozen Verano buds, these 0.5-gram vape cartridges encapsulate the true essence of our top-shelf flowers to the greatest possible extent and are built with sleek ceramic hardware that will offer clean, reliable hits to the very last puff.

Choosing Your Verano Vape Product

Verano’s high-quality vape cartridges are made to effortlessly work with any standard 510 pen battery and are available in half-gram and full-gram sizes. You simply screw them onto your vape pen device and enjoy. Options include strain-specific cartridges that successfully distill many of Verano’s award-winning flowers into vape cart form, with offerings in both the Essence and Reserve lines.

For those who don’t have their own battery or vape lovers on the go, Verano’s “Travelers” line of disposable, all-in-one vapes offers a reliable and easy-to-use solution. With a pre-loaded chamber featuring 300 mg of premium cannabis oil and a USB port for easy recharging, Verano Travelers are the simplest and most convenient way to vape cannabis.


If you’re seeking a little dab of concentrated brilliance, you’ll be pleased to know that Ivy Hall offers a great line of cannabis extracts to fuel your rig. There are few extracts on the market as clean and premium as a butane hash oil preparation of a Reserve line Verano flower. High-quality filtered ethanol extractions are also available, and there are a variety of formats and textures to choose from.

Live Sugar

Verano Live Sugar

Verano live sugar features thousands of individual crystals bursting with terpenes and THC for an authentic, cannabis-forward experience. Robust terpene profiles stay locked in thanks to an advanced hydrocarbon extraction technique. Simply choose your favorite dab rig or electronic vaporizer and enjoy the potent effects.

Live Badder

Verano Live Badder

Live Badder from Verano offers a uniform, cake-batter-like consistency for those who prefer a drippier dab. Made from fresh, flash-frozen Verano flower, Live Badder captures the flavors, aromas, and effects of your favorite strains for a truly flower-like encounter. Like other Verano concentrates, you can expect a premium concentrate experience dab after dab.

Raw Wax

Verano Raw Wax

Raw Wax is another BHO-derived concentrate Verano does exceptionally well. Raw wax offers an awesome combination of potency and utilitarian texture for use in any dab setup. While the high THC concentrations are desirable for any cannabis aficionado, it’s the flavorful terpene profiles that are sure to leave you impressed.

Sunrock Shatter

Vdrano Sunrock Shatter

Verano’s signature Sunrock Shatter captivates the eyes with its translucency and amber hues. It also has a stiffer, more user-friendly texture that is appreciated by dab lovers. This is a premium shatter wax for a premium cannabis experience.

Visit Ivy Hall Dispensaries Today to Shop for Verano Products

Shop for Verano Products

Embark on a journey of premium cannabis exploration with Ivy Hall and Verano. Discover the perfect Verano strains, vapes, and extracts to elevate your cannabis enjoyment at your local Ivy Hall Dispensary. No matter your level of cannabis experience, our knowledgeable staff can help you curate a cannabis journey that will intrigue and satisfy.

Let us know if you have any questions about the Verano cannabis product lines, including the Essence and Reserve selections we’ve chosen. Alternatively, simply visit our friendly neighborhood dispensary to inquire which Verano product may be right for you. Stop in and see why Ivy Hall is truly your Sensory Dispensary. We look forward to helping you choose great products that serve your needs and ignite your senses. Shop online now!

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