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Apple Fritter is a popular and potent true hybrid cannabis strain. Learn about what makes it special, from the sweet-treat-inspired flavor to its storied relaxation effects.

The apple fritter is a classic pastry for those who love big, sweet, fruity flavors. This makes it an appropriate namesake for our featured strain: the renowned Apple Fritter strain. Like many other cannabis strains that include fruits in their names, Apple Fritter is primarily named for its potent, tasty terpene profile. In the case of Apple Fritter, the terpenes in question offer scent and flavor notes reminiscent of juicy apples, exotic spices, and fresh bakeries.

Due to its potency, Apple Fritter is a wonderful strain for seasoned cannabis users who have medium to high THC tolerances, as well as for medical marijuana patients and anyone else seeking serious effects from a modest dose of cannabis. It’s also great for bedtime and general relaxation. For many, Apple Fritter is a go-to strain for social situations where you’re ready to cut loose and pursue maximum cannabis enjoyment. In fact, its versatility is just one of the reasons that Apple Fritter is one of the favorite strains on our shelves.

Visually, Apple Fritter is defined by deep green flower sites bearing substantial nugs, often with subtle to moderate purple undertones. Here, you’ll see vivid orange hairs and glistening white trichomes emerge. In other words, it looks almost as good as it smells and tastes. One taste of Apple Fritter and Ivy Hall Dispensaries just might become your new favorite pastry shop.

Apple Fritter Strain Lineage: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

Our featured strain was derived by crossbreeding the strains of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, each a potent and beloved strain in its own right. This crossbreed can be traced back to the grow-friendly wine-producing regions of California, where, in 2016, it scored a 2nd place award at the 2016 High Times Cup of Northern California. Before we go any further, we should take a closer look at Apple Fritter’s distinguished family tree to see where it gets its many charms.

About the Sour Apple Strain

Also known as “Sour Apple Diesel,” Sour Apple is a powerful, luxury hybrid strain, just like its offspring, Apple Fritter. Sour Apple is a cross between Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99, both of which are also hybrids. Despite being a hybrid of two hybrids, Sour Diesel is often associated with more indica-like effects, such as sedation and relaxation. Sour Apple, like Sour Diesel before it, is also known for its sour yet delicious terpene notes that cause a tongue-tingling sensation in some of its enjoyers. While it passes some of this sourness onto the Apple Fritter strain, much of it has been cut, ultimately leaving a fruity flavor.

About the Animal Cookies Strain

Animal Cookies also has an alias, being better known as “Animal Crackers” in some places. Whatever you call it, AC is another legendary hybrid strain, this one derived from Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies. Cannabis experts believe this is where today’s Apple Fritter strain derives its sweet bakery tones and some of its effects that battle pain and insomnia.

Apple Fritter Strain Type

Apple Fritter Strain Type

Apple Fritter, marketed by some producers and vendors with the plural spelling “Apple Fritters,” is an iconic “true hybrid” strain. This means it combines all of the top qualities of your favorite indicas and sativas for a well-balanced cannabis experience. Don’t misunderstand “balanced” to mean weak or mellow, however, as this top-shelf strain is known to test around a whopping 22% THC. In fact, sometimes, it can reach up to 28% THC when cultivated and cured in ideal conditions by a skilled hand.

Much of the high-end flower and concentrates found in today’s market come from cannabis plants that have been hybridized to one degree or another. That means that the question of “indica vs. sativa” is no longer relevant to many cannabis purchases. For many of today’s cannabis consumers, choosing a strain can have more to do with finding the cannabinoid and terpene ratios that speak to them. You can rest assured that Apple Fritter can be a winner in either department.

Apple Fritter Strain Effects

We’ve gathered a substantial list of reported effects associated with the consumption of Apple Fritter cannabis. These include:

  • Mental and physical relief
  • Sleep aid
  • “Tingly” full-body high
  • Enhanced sense of humor
  • Enhanced sociability
  • Creative boost
  • Uplifted mood

Arguably, this could be considered a list of general positive cannabis effects and our friendly budtenders would agree. However, that’s simply because Apple Fritter is able to highlight a wide range of benefits that cannabis users enjoy. It is a modern and delicious powerhouse hybrid that offers most – if not all – of the most desirable sensory effects, even those traditionally thought of as sativa or indica-specific.

In summary, Apple Fritter is a full-spectrum, high THC hybrid cannabis strain that offers full body and mind relaxation as well as potential sleep aid properties while still boosting your mood and allowing you to feel social. While everyone’s cannabis experience will differ, the majority of connoisseurs seem to turn to Apple Fritter for relaxing nights on the couch, recouping body and mind, or enjoying a night out with friends.

Top Terpenes in the Apple Fritter Cannabis Strain

Perhaps you’ve noticed our many references to Apple Fritter’s flavorful terpene profile – if so, it’s important to understand the science behind it. The fruity, buttery-almost-cheesy, vanilla-hinted bouquet that is Apple Fritter’s trademark comes from a combination of many terpenes. In fact, a cannabis plant is home to over 200 different terpenes, each with its own smells, flavors, and potential medicinal properties. In the Apple Fritter strain, the most prevalent terpenes include the following:


One of the more complex of the major terpenes, caryophyllene is often described as spicy or peppery, though it is not necessarily present that way in the context of the Apple Fritter strain. Here, it is caryophyllene’s slightly woody and fruity notes that contribute most effectively. Many medical marijuana users appreciate caryophyllene-heavy strains for the terpene’s ability to stack on top of the pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids. Some also believe it to be an effective natural supplement to aid in the treatment of depression.


You probably wouldn’t think to find the “lemon-lime” terp quite so prevalent in an Apple Fritter cannabis strain. Once again, it’s all about the context of how the terpenes work together to create the illusion of fried apple pastries. In therapeutic use, limonene is valued for its ability to enhance and uplift a person’s mood.


Most commonly associated with pine trees, pinene is considered a stimulating and invigorating terpene. These qualities of pinene may be partly responsible for Apple Fritter’s ability to keep you sociable and functioning while also offering total relaxation. Pinene can also act as a natural bronchodilator, although please remember that smoking cannabis is not generally an effective treatment for someone suffering from breathing issues.

Apple Fritter Strain Reviews

Apple Fritter Strain Reviews

By now, it’s probably clear that we love Apple Fritter here at Ivy Hall, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some real Apple Fritter cannabis strain reviews sourced from around the web.

“It slaps hard.”

Never tried the bud, but I love the concentrate. Great for after work or just having a good laugh.

“My new favorite!”

The taste is amazing and the buzz is happy.

“The buds were beautiful.”

Maybe my most favorite ounce ever purchased.

“Nice hybrid.”

Both head and body buzz. Has an indica lean but you won’t get sleepy.

“A strong but smooth smoke.”

It may be 50/50 sativa and indica genetically, but I use it at night.

“What a beauty.”

A relaxing, soothing and euphoric body high. Pleasant apple flavor on the palate–what a delight! It’s already sold out in my area, can’t wait ‘til it’s back!

“A relaxing high.”

Not overly strong, but enough to get you to sleep.

“Excellent functional high”

I found it as a vape pod. I can take a good puff and feel uplifted and motivated but still very lucid. Highly recommended for my fellow autistic and ADHD peeps. Also very good for gaming, incidentally.

“Great for back pain!”

This strain is one of the best for pain. Well worth the money.

“Great head and body high.”

Good for pain and sleeping, and I have an extremely high tolerance. Enjoy!

“You won’t be disappointed.”

One of the best highs I’ve had in my 40+ years of smoking. A fruity beginning and a smooth, sweet exhale.

“Nice indica body high that isn’t too heavy.”

Smoke is fairly smooth and extremely tasty, but not overly pungent. Strain is uplifting mentally, enhancing one’s mood while relaxing the body and head.

Apple Fritter Strain FAQs

Apple Fritter Strain

By now, you probably feel like you’re becoming an Apple Fritter expert, whether you’ve ever enjoyed it for yourself yet or not. To ensure you understand everything you might need to know about the strain, our team tackles some common questions folks bring to our Ivy Hall dispensaries below.

Is Apple Fritter Indica or Sativa?

Apple Fritter is considered a “true hybrid”, meaning that its genetics are a 50/50 split between indica and sativa plants. In the case of Apple Fritter (and many other modern strains), this “true hybrid” lineage does not involve crossing a pure sativa with a pure indica but a process of hybridization going back multiple generations. This is to say that both of Apple Fritter’s parent strains, Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, are also hybrids.

Does the Apple Fritter Strain Make You Sleepy?

While many users do report strong relaxation and anti-insomnia effects, other Apple Fritter enjoyers note that relaxation does not come at the expense of the ability to enjoy yourself. So, while Apple Fritter may aid some users in getting to sleep, it should not be thought of as a magic sleeping potion by any means.

What Terpenes Are in Apple Fritter Strain?

Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Pinene are the major terpenes that give the Apple Fritter strain its distinctive and delicious flavor profile. This list is far from exhaustive, however, as a single cannabis plant is home to over 200 different terpenes. It is the subtle differences in the ratios of these substances from strain to strain that give famous strains like Apple Fritter their signature scent and taste.

Is Apple Fritter Good for Anxiety?

Most Apple Fritter fans do report excellent mental (and physical) relaxation properties when using the strain. However, when dealing with a mental health issue like anxiety, it’s crucial to understand that everyone responds differently to cannabis and the compounds in it. These differences can be large or subtle, based on a person’s unique body chemistry and health factors, and can vary from strain to strain. The only way to truly know if a particular strain works for you as an anxiety aid is to experiment with different products. Please do so responsibly and stop into Ivy Hall to talk to our dedicated staff if you need assistance finding products that match your goals.

What Forms Does Apple Fritter Come In?

As with any popular cannabis strain, you can find Apple Fritter in a variety of forms, from classic buds to pre-rolled joints to concentrates, vape carts, and dab wax. You might even come across edibles or topicals derived from the strain from time to time. Here at Ivy Hall, some of our favorite Apple Fritter products include infused 1.5-gram Kaviar pre-rolls and Savvy Uncensored premium flower. If you’re rolling on a budget, Savvy also does Apple Fritter popcorn buds sold in 7-gram bags or Simply Herb brand Apple Fritter shake by Ascend Cannabis.

Ivy Hall Dispensary: Illinois’s Source for Apple Fritter Cannabis

Apple Fritter Cannabis Strain at Ivy Hall

If you’re finished fantasizing about this sweet hybrid and ready to taste the magic of Apple Fritter for yourself, come on down to an Ivy Hall Dispensary near you. We have several sensory dispensaries spread conveniently throughout Chicagoland to serve you, and we’re always happy to welcome new neighbors. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis lover or a curious first-time shopper, the team at Ivy Hall will be happy to help you find what you need for an excellent cannabis experience, be it with Apple Fritter or some other strain that fits your needs.

See ya soon fam!

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