High Holidays: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

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Don’t turn up to your high holiday celebration empty-handed. Check out our cannabis lover gift guide.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

We all know at least one cannabis enthusiast – you might aspire to be a cannabis enthusiast yourself, or perhaps you already are. If you know one of these particular individuals, you know they live and breathe high-quality, curated cannabis, and they certainly know how to enjoy the sensory experience before, during, and after partaking. While it may seem like they already know all there is to know about our favorite plant, the cannabis enthusiast is actually the most exciting person on your list because you get the opportunity to flex your creativity. Just be ready; you’ll want a superior-quality gift because the enthusiast has seen it all.

There’s nothing better than a selection of top-shelf strains and products for gift-giving.

The Ivy Hall Gift Giving Guide for Cannabis Lovers

Wondering what your favorite Ivy Hall Budtenders have in their cannabis stash bags this year? Check out our Ivy HALL-idaze gift guides for awesome suggestions for the cannabis lover in your life!

Premium Flower

Ascend’s Ozone flower

High quality through and through, from flavor to effects, premium flower is the perfect gift. Ascend’s Ozone flower features innovation and quality in equal measure for an experience that is nearly unrivaled. Cinnamon Buddha and Wedding Cake are two favorite options that are sure to delight. Or, try any of Verano’s premium strains – ask your Ivy Hall staff for their preferred choice.

Look out for these festive strains:

  • Banana Daddy (flower/pre-roll) – Ozone, Hybrid
    The high is on the heavy side but still inspires good conversation and laughter (giggly, euphoric, uplifting).
    Perfect for fun family time activities or for going to a holiday party.
  • Cinnamon Buddha (flower/live resin cart) – Ozone, Indica Dominant
    Body high, relaxing, calming notes of sweetness like sugar and vanilla, hint of floral.
    When you need a break from all the hustle and bustle.
  • Candy Coast (concentrate) Bedford Grow, Sativa leaning hybrid
    A hazy lemony aroma, general sweetness throughout. Taste notes of woody pine, earthiness, and some gas. heady cerebral buzz, semi-euphoric, and helps relieve anxiety. not particularly uplifting or sedating, but balanced.
    For when the holiday stress sets in.
  • Spiked Punch (flower) Bedford Grow, Indica leaning Hybrid
    Fruity, spicy, sweet, stimulating at first but leaves you relaxed and calm. This sugar brings on the super tasty flavors, with a sweet and spicy flowery overtone that’s accented by fresh ripe berries and fruits.
    If you love a nice nap after indulging in sugar (fruit cake), this one’s for you!
  • Banana Pudding (cart) Tales & Travels, Sativa leaning hybrid
    A heady high without sending your mind racing, and physical relaxation without couch lock; creative. Oh, and it’s very tasty (sweet, creamy, smooth).
    Great for being productive and leisure activities- puzzles, nature walks, baking, or wrapping holiday presents.
  • Orange Herijuana (flower) Rhythm THC/CBD, Indica leaning hybrid
    Bursting with citrus, earth/herb forward with spicy undertones, body calm, general pain relief, elevated mood.
    A warm winter hug at the end of a long day.
  • Polar Express (flower) Grassroots, Hybrid
    Body high. Cinnamon/Spicy, Earthy, Piney, a hint of citrus Effect – Creative, Happy, Clear-minded. Good for daytime usage.
    Why not watch ‘The Polar Express?’ while in your high?
  • Georgia Pie (flower) Revolution/ (pre-roll & shake) Ozone, Hybrid
    Subtle aromas of peach and baked goods. Flavors are reminiscent of a sweet peach pie. You may also detect notes of candy, earth, and mint with a classic OG finish.
    Pre- feast or anytime toke!

Pipes and Smoking Accessories

GRAV Clear Menorah Bong

Your favorite cannabis enthusiast will need an innovative way to consume the strains you’ve chosen. Why not choose a unique Frit steamroller or Fume chillum from Cannadevices for premium portability?

Or, if multiple bowls are the way to fuel your cannabis enthusiast’s holiday spirit, the Grav Clear Menorah is the conversation piece that will last them well through this festive season.

Top-Shelf Edibles

Mindy’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bar

Edible gifts have long been an excellent option for every occasion, and this is no different for the cannabis enthusiast. Ozone gummies are another great feature from the Ascend brand, with forward-thinking flavor combinations and gluten-free/vegan ingredients. Alternatively, send your cannabis enthusiast a symphony of sweetness with Encore’s premium lineup of sugary sweet or sour gummies, delectable caramels, rich chocolates, refreshing cannabis mints, and soothingly Sweet Stones, available in indica, hybrid, sativa, CBD-forward blends, and full-spectrum RSOs. Finally, if your cannabis enthusiast loves a holiday chocolate, we absolutely love Mindy’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bar. Yum!

Ivy Hall Staff Recommended Holiday Edibles:

  • Enliven’s Cinnamon Toast Munch Cereal Bar
  • NGW’s Frosted Sugar Cookie White Chocolate Crunch Bar – 10mg/square
  • French Vanilla, Spiced apple cider, Berry Rosin, & Mimosa Surps by Revolution (great for adding to baking recipes, food, or drinks!)
  • Mindy’s Chocolate Bars (like the peppermint bar listed above, but any of them would make an awesome edible gift) 10mg/square
  • Ozone’s Frosted Sugar Cookie 10mg

Cannabis Drinks

For the cannabis enthusiast who needs a festive cocktail to add to their holiday repertoire, Avexia Rick Simpson Oil could be an excellent addition to their arsenal. This concentrate features the full range of cannabis compounds due to its unique creation process, setting that entourage effect into full sail when added to a traditional holiday drink. Or, choose from one of the many readymade cannabis drinks that will get the holiday season started on the right foot, including CQ’s THC/CBD or simply THC Ginger Ale (perfect as a mixer or on its own) and, of course, Revolution’s THC-forward Spiced Apple Cider.

Ivy Hall Staff Recommended Cannabis Beverages:

  • Artet Aperitif Bottle (Waukegan & Glendale) – holiday gift or a complementary table drink for the host/ess
  • Artet 4pk. Lemon Chamomile or Mango Spritz – festive non-alcoholic drink to bring to the holiday party
  • CQ Ginger Ale & CQ Cola cans – pairs well with winter festivities and yummy holiday food

The Wellness Advocate Gift Guide

Another beautiful revolution happening in the cannabis community is the continued advocacy for those who employ cannabis for wellness reasons. The wellness advocate on your list has likely already tried sun baths, meditation, and yoga before finding that cannabis can help them in many ways. Fortunately, whether they’re looking to simply enhance their well-being, address anxiety or stress, or just want to relax, there are plenty of great gifts for the wellness advocate.

CBD-Forward Products

Avexia Harmony 1:1 CBD Tablets

Perhaps more than any other cannabis compound, CBD has been touted as a therapeutic option for many ailments, ranging from stress and anxiety to inflammation and insomnia. CBD-forward products like Avexia Harmony 1:1 CBD tablets can offer the ideal balance between THC and CBD for a harmonious lift into wellness. Meanwhile, Avexia’s Comfort tablets assist with calming a weary mind and inspiring better sleep. Alternatively, consider Verano Bits microdose gummies, available in a host of flavors and replete with adaptogens (natural plant extracts with their own healing benefits), for the wellness enthusiast who is truly looking to heal.

Bath and Body Products

Whether your wellness enthusiast is looking to address joint pain and stiffness or simply indulge in some relaxing “me time,” soothing bath and body products can be a great gift. Pairing the healing properties of Epsom salts with those of THC and CBD, Avexia’s Lavender Bath Soak is a multisensory healing option for those who need an added level of calm. Or, try Pain Relief Balm, also from Avexia, which allows a targeted approach for pain relief and none of the psychoactive effects.


For the wellness enthusiast who has their own high holiday mapped out already, perhaps all you need to do is add the perfect aromatherapy notes to really round out their sensory experience. The fun and funky Sneaker Mini-Candle showcases everyone’s favorite Air Force Ones in candle form, allowing you to give a truly unique gift that can also boost the wellness journey. Or, try Anecdote’s humorous Quarter-Life Crisis candle, replete with the invigorating aromas of grapefruit and mint oils.

The Home Chef Gift Guide

Any food enthusiast loves tools, ingredients, and recipes – and these are all gift ideas that can incorporate cannabis from beginning to end. Gourmet cannabis ingredients and accessories can be a true delight because they give your favorite home chef the chance to experiment.

Cannabutter/Canna-Oil Necessities

Cannabutter and canna-oil are the basis for so many great canna-treats ; think about premium strains for cannabutter creation. Simply Herb flower products offer a quality product with flower-forward flavor for the home chef who loves cooking with cannabis, while Savvy’s Bulk Bud is a great way to attain enough quality bud to last several cooking sessions. Or, consider a quality grinder that can help the home chef get the consistency they’re looking for to create cannabutter for all their home creations.

Cannabis Cookbooks

Cannabis Cookbooks

Any person who loves to cook at home needs new ideas for the kitchen, but this is especially true when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Cannabis cookbooks are an excellent way to keep creativity alive. We suggest the Bong Appétit, Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed, a cookbook just brimming with ideas to help your loved one craft their own small bites for their cannabis kitchen.

Canna-Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools are a classic gift for people who love to cook, and there is an abundance of fun, cannabis-themed tools and accessories out there. The Faire Pot Dealer apron is a fun flair for the home chef who takes their culinary skills seriously. Faire’s Chicken, Pot, Pie oven mitt proclaims love for all three of these timeless favorites. The weed cookie cutter, on the other hand, gives the baker in your life the option to share the love.

The Fashion and Home Decor Gift Guide

One of the best ways to show your enthusiasm for anything is to feature it as decor in the home or on the body. Our fashion and home decor ideas are sure to present you with a bevy of options for the fashion or decorating enthusiast in your life.

Cannabis Storage

Edie Parker goods are the perfect blend of kitsch and functionality that will look beautiful in any space. In 2019, the brand launched “Weedie Parker,” cannabis-themed products in a variety of options. If you know someone on the hunt for a chic cannabis storage solution, the Weedie Parker Stash Storage Case is compact, clever, and cool. With bold colors for interest, this storage container is the perfect upgrade for anyone who’s been carting around the same old box for far too long.

Cannabis Accessories and Ashtrays

With new storage should also come a fun new ashtray because, as beautiful as they are functional, the best ashtrays can start a conversation and end the perfect smoke session. Go hard-boiled with an egg design ashtray, or try a diner-style ashtray in fun, tie-dye colors, as featured in last year’s gift guide.

Weedie Parker Balloon Pipe
Weedie Parker Balloon Pipe

Weedie Parker also has cannabis pipes so beautiful they will also double as art. The Balloon Pipe is available in stunning colors and is as delightful to use as it is to look at. For the ultimate mod experience, the Edie Parker line offers cut fruit in beautiful colors and bubbly design.

Cannabis Fashion

The Weedie Parker collection also offers handbags emblazoned with cannabis themes. For another fashion-forward option, Buy Weed From Women is an advocacy-centered brand that supports a variety of communities, focusing on black-owned, women-led businesses. Choose from t-shirts, sleek jackets, or even a trendy tote bag. For a slightly more subtle approach, weed socks offer a stylish option for your cannabis fashion enthusiast’s love for the lifestyle; choose from classic cotton or a fuzzy style for the ultimate in cozy comfort.

The Experience Seeker Gift Guide

The last person on your list is probably the trickiest. The experience seeker is always trying out the newest product available on the market since they like to stay ahead of trends and love being the first to know about new cannabis industry news. While anything above could please the experience seeker, we suggest something outside the box for those truly interested and invested in the full cannabis experience.

Cannabis Festival Tickets

One of the best gift ideas for cannabis lovers like this is a festival devoted to cannabis. The full experience will allow them to be immersed in culture, fun, and music. These events often last a full weekend and can have informational workshops, the best products, and an interesting group of people who have the same enthusiasm for cannabis. Inquire at your favorite Ivy Hall location or register for our Charter Club to be the first to know about upcoming events.

Cannabis Tours

Another idea for the experience seeker is the cannabis tour, since these individuals crave more knowledge about the lifestyle they love. Much like a winery tour, cannabis tours let them get up close and personal with the growing process. They can see different strains in a variety of growth stages. If your seeker is up for travel, bud and breakfast options exist where smoking is allowed on the premises. Guests can get to know others who are staying, and they can enjoy the experience together.

Cannabis Tasting

The cannabis-tasting experience is exactly what it sounds like, and you can think of it as your classic wine-tasting experience but with a much more sensory-stimulating product. With wine tastings, you get a basic overview of how a tasting works and what kinds of flavors and mouth feels you’re trying to identify, and cannabis tastings are similar. Anyone participating gets the opportunity to try a variety of strains, often with CBD cleansers in between to mellow the psychoactive effects of the THC.

More Cannabis Gift Ideas Found at Ivy Hall

Ivy Hall Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Anecdote Candles
  2. Vessel Products
  3. House of Puff (exclusively at Ivy Hall Bucktown)
  4. Holiday Kush Kards
  5. Joint “Jenga” and Magnetic Poetry
  6. Baking/Cooking Essentials: Green Leaf Cookie Cutter, Faire Aprons, Faire Oven Mitts
  7. High-End Smoking Glass: Grav Menorah, Jerome Baker Bong, Cannadevices, Brill
  8. Pilgrim Soul Journals/Coloring Books/Pencils/Pick up Sticks
  9. Cannabis Leaf Earrings & Necklace
  10. Torched Life Leaf socks
  11. Ivy Hall Merch:
    • Ivy Hall Beanies
    • Ivy Hall Dancing Bear Glass Rolling Tray
    • Ivy Hall Fuzzy Socks
    • Ivy Hall Dress Socks

Cannabis Gift Giving This Season

Cannabis Gift Ideas at Ivy Hall

If you’re like the proprietors at your friendly neighborhood Ivy Hall dispensary, you share a special bond with each of the cannabis enthusiasts in your life. In fact, that’s likely why you have such special consideration devoted to finding the ideal gifts for all the types of cannabis lovers you know. Many innovative, interesting, exciting, or wellness-focused products exist to meet the needs and desires of everyone in your cannabis circle, and we’re pleased to sell the majority of them at our Ivy Hall shops.

While we grouped our suggestions into different categories based on the type of cannabis lovers you know, keep in mind that combining cannabis gift ideas across subtypes is often the best way to curate the perfect cannabis gift for your loved one. Maybe your wellness enthusiast also loves to cook, or your canna-fashion lover has been on the hunt for a new gummy product to call their own. Now is the perfect time for them to try out new skills, attempt something interesting in the kitchen, or find an innovative cannabis product they love. We invite you to explore each of the options and make your own decisions on what’s best for each of the people in your life.

We encourage you to give responsibly this season; it’s important to know the regulations for where your gift recipients live and give appropriately for those in your lives. If you’re ready to start your holiday shopping journey, shop online or begin at the Ivy Hall neighborhood dispensary near you. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you find the best cannabis gifts on offer this season.

Happy high holidays!

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